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If you are involved in a motor vehicle, you should call or have the police summoned to the scene of the accident. If the police are not available, then you should go the police station and make a report. Please note that, without a police report, it is more difficult to get the insurance company to accept liability, unless the insurer driver admits liability. You generally do not want to be placed as Unit 1, as police officers are trained to put the at fault driver as unit 1. If you are taken to the hospital, please try to have the officer leave the motorist report, or the police report number (often referred as an agency crash number or in Chicago a RD number) with you. If you are injured or feeling pain or discomfort, you should let the investigating officer know, so that he can mark the report accordingly. If you are not injured, the Lake Cook Law Group cannot help you. The police report also contains many details (names, addresses of parties, date, time, location, and direction of motor vehicles) that the attorney will need to draft a complaint and serve the defendant.

When in a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident, you should preserve, to the extent possible, the evidence. Therefore, try to collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses in order to give them to the police so they appear on the report. Take pictures of your injuries, the damage to your car and the other party’s car, as well as the scene. Most cell phones take adequate photos.

Finally, if you are injured, you must seek medical attention immediately. Delays in treatment make the case difficult to settle or prove. Depending in the severity of the injuries, you should go via ambulance to the emergency room, or see your personal physician without delay. Although the attorney’s seeks payment of the medical bills as part of your damages, you are ultimately responsible for your own medical bills: so you will have to decide what is called for in the situation.

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Car Accident Lawyers Lake County, IL

Please contact out office as soon as practicable. Often a case is complicated in that there are several avenues of recovery (e.g., multiple defendants: workers compensation as well as third party personal injury; uninsured motorist, etc.). We care about car accident safety, as well as the aftermath. The attorney is like a fisherman: we cast the net as wide as possible and explore all avenues of recovery.

Lastly, we do not recommend giving a taped or recorded statement to the other party’s insurance company without first consulting a car accident lawyer. You do, however, have a duty to report the accident immediately to your own company, and give a statement.

Before, during and after your legal proceedings, you’ll want the support of an accident attorney that not only understand the injury law, but understands the emotional and personal impact it can have on your life. With Lake Cook Law Group, you get the proper attention and care you need from beginning to end.