Passenger vehicles share Illinois’ highways with commercial trucks. Because they are significantly larger than passenger vehicles, an accident involving a commercial truck can be quite disastrous. Moreover, drivers of commercial trucks operate under a different set of conditions than most drivers of passenger vehicles. The combination of these factors raises unique legal issues for victims of an accident involving a commercial truck.

Trucking Accident Lawyers Lake County, IL

Trucking Accident Law includes any accidents involving a commercial freight truck, often referred to as a semi or 18-wheeler. Due to the size of these vehicles, those involved in the crash typically have numerous injuries and wish to prove negligence on the part of the driver. The law is much broader than this, however, in that traffic laws may have been violated and civil liability comes into play. For this reason, anyone involved in a tractor trailer accident needs to seek legal guidance right away.

Contributing factors play a major role in Trucking Accident Law. For example, the commercial freight truck driver may not have seen the vehicle due to the size difference between the truck and other vehicles involved. Improper training may play a role in the accident or a failure to adequately maintain the truck could play a role in an incident. Other factors include the driver’s time on the road, improper loading of cargo, and more. The attorney works to identify all contributing factors to build a strong case for the injured party, one that ensures they get the compensation they deserve while the driver and/or employer are properly punished.

In cases such as this, the proper defendants need to be identified. Many assume the driver is responsible, yet his or her employer may also be held accountable in some cases. The government may be named in a suit in cases where street signage was lacking or missing, and other drivers may be held accountable if they contributed to or caused the accident. This is something else an attorney will investigate to ensure those who are responsible are held accountable in a court of law.

There are different types of litigation which may arise when one is involved in a trucking accident. The driver of the truck and his or her employer may be facing criminal charges, and there may be a civil case involved as well. This depends on many factors, such as the extent of the injuries of those involved in the crash. Negligence is one thing that will be looked at when determining what charges the driver or employer will be facing, but there are numerous others. A semi truck accident lawyer becomes of great assistance in determining which types of litigation apply to a case, so contact trucking accident attorneys in Deerfield today to get started on your case.