Workplace Injuries Law

Suffering an on-the-job injury generally entitles an employee to workers compensation benefits. However, most employers and insurance companies do not have to consider your injury their responsibility. Both your employer and company insurance carrier have teams of lawyers to refute workers compensation claims by stating that the injury was not sustained while working. Our Deerfield-based attorneys use their industry experience and supreme litigation skills to ensure Illinois workers receive their fair share.

You have three rights under workers compensation:

  1. Have your medical bills paid;
  2. Receive Temporary Total Disability while your case is pending; and,
  3. Lump Sum Settlement at the end of the case.

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Workers Compensation Lawyers in Lake County, IL

Workers compensation plans are designed to protect employees who are hurt while performing their job duties. Unfortunately, some injured employees run into issues getting the money to which they are entitled. When that happens, it may be time to discuss legal options with a workmans compensation lawyer.

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The Basics Of Workers Compensation Coverage

Employees need to understand that Workers Compensation Law does not require all employers to have a workers compensation insurance policy, especially if the business is very small or operates within certain industries (such as agriculture). If an employer does have a policy, employees may be entitled to take advantage of it if they have diseases developed from exposure to toxic substances at work, psychological issues induced by work-related stress, pre-existing conditions that were aggravated by work duties, and even injuries that occur on premises during breaks or off-premises during work-sponsored events. When it comes to Workers Compensation Law, employees also need to keep the following in mind.

  • It’s possible that an employee may not receive compensation if they were injured while intoxicated, playing around, or in an unauthorized area.
  • Employees must report the injury immediately using the proper channels and follow all instructions given by the employer or insurer.
  • Receiving benefits usually means giving up the right to sue an employer.
  • Employees may give up the right to receive benefits once they return to work.

Litigation Issues That May Arise With Workers Compensation

If any of the following occurs, an employee may find it necessary to pursue litigation in order to get benefits.

  • An employee is indeed entitled to benefits, but the benefits are being denied by the insurer
  • An employee is asked to return to work early, even when they are clearly still injured and unable to properly perform their job duties
  • An employee is lured back to work with a “custom position” that is eliminated shortly after they return to work
  • An employee is asked to see an “independent medical expert” who they suspect purposely misdiagnoses patients in order to keep receiving business from the employer.

If an employee plans to pursue litigation in regard to their workers compensation benefits, it’s important that an attorney is present during every step of the process, as one misstep could mean jeopardizing the entire case. With the help of workers comp attorneys in Deerfield, many employees find that they are able to finally get the compensation they truly deserve.